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Atlalon LG is a movement populated by everyday people collectively striving to living out their dreams. The company was designed to disrupt the way the industry views and does business with the small owner-operator, and to allow employees who participate in the work to also participate in the wealth.  “ We’re not only leveling the playing field for all, we’re also changing the mindset of future truckers and the way regular employees are compensated”.

Atalon has adapted a partnership style teaming approach to an industry that is notorious for neglecting and abusing its most valuable resource – the truck driver.

Driver recruitment and development is the key to Atalons culture and competitive advantage.  Those drivers who qualify and adapt to our systems are exposed to smart, lucrative opportunities that lead to a very rewarding career.

By giving owner drivers a path to financial freedom, the right tools needed grow and develop their own business, Atalon is on track becoming the gold standard of trucking and the #1 place to go to work.

The Atalon platform is the best sales force, back office and overall support for the next generation of professional drivers and trucking owner operators. We’re creating a new definition for what is possible in the trucking and logistics business.

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